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"We will grow in faith, manifesting its joy and risk, nurturing new generations in its promises, and inviting others to share the journey."


                                                               ~from the Mission Statement of Immanuel Presbyterian Church


Join Us. Grow in Faith. 

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"I walked into Immanuel the first time almost by accident, I just knew that it was a Presbyterian church and probably had good music.  I soon learned that this church had a lot more to offer me!  The first day I was warmly welcomed to this place of many tables: first to the main table in the Sanctuary, then to so many other tables, dinner tables, meeting tables, discussion and education tables, and more.   Immanuel has:  great ministers, great preaching, great music, and great freedom to "live my questions" in this great congregation, this lovely church home."

          + Marty

"We see an opportunity to not only grow in faith at Immanuel, but also to nurture spiritual and moral foundations for our children in a complex and rapidly changing world.  It's important to us that our church community engages the changing world with Christ-like love, and we have found this at Immanuel.  The congregation embraces change and progress by seeking guidance from God's Word in ways that are thoughtful and loving.  Immanuel creates change and progress by investing in the next generation, recently designing bright, new high quality spaces for children and encouraging members to be the best versions of themselves in the name of Christ.  It's rare to find a church that balances so much rich faith tradition with the ability to look forward.  This is why we chose Immanuel, a congregation that is truly transforming tradition."

          + Adam and Julie

"I discovered Immanuel Presbyterian Church when a neighbor invited me to Christmas Eve worship.  It was a warm and beautiful experience and even though I belonged to another church, I continued to be a “regular visitor” and finally joined.  The friendliness of this community of faith is like no other I have experienced.  It’s been like coming home to old friends and picking right up where you left off.  The worship music of the choir and organ replenishes my soul!  The words and prayers of the ministers feed and sustain my spirit and challenge me to think deeply about the great mysteries of life.  Without a doubt my faith has grown and deepened immensely at Immanuel.  Sometimes I wonder why I waited so long to become a member of this congregation, but then I realize it’s all in God’s time and I’m home now.  I’m grateful for God’s call and for the ministers urged me ever so gently to come and belong.  Praise God!"     

          + Gloria

"Like many people during their college days, I went through an enormous period of self discovery and found that the religion that I had been raised in no longer fit who I had become, and I stopped going to church. However, belonging to a faith community and coming together to worship was something I missed a great deal, and in my early thirties I really longed to worship with others.  I didn’t know how to start rediscovering religion even though I had always had a strong faith in God.  It was then that I was first introduced to Immanuel Church by a dear friend who invited me to join him for worship during the Christmas season.  I returned to Immanuel every Sunday for the next year, and soon became a member.  The congregation has given me the strength to move forward during difficult times in my life and the ability to celebrate all of life’s gifts.  I will always be grateful for the vital role Immanuel has played in my life.  My faith in God has never been stronger.”
          + John

“We love Immanuel because we are challenged, inspired, informed, enriched, supported and engaged by the worship and programs.  We enjoy sharing labors and efforts in mission, outreach, fellowship, growth, understanding and interpretation of the Bible and teachings of Jesus with pastors and friends in the Immanuel community.  We have invested our talents and means in the work of the church and truly feel Immanuel is as much a part of us as we are a part of the church.”
          + Dave and Kate

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