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Worship with us. We will glorify God.


“We will glorify God in our worship and service, ‘equipping the saints’ to show the good news of Jesus Christ by the story we tell, by the values we live, by the choices we make.”                 


                                                                ~from the Mission Statement of Immanuel Presbyterian Church

We gather for worship at 10:00 a.m. on Sunday mornings.
In person and online.

Go to the main Immanuel webpage for the current online worship link.

Recordings of past services can be found here

The public worship of God is the central act of the church.  It gathers the greatest number of members in one place at one time to remember who God is, who we are, and what we are to do as God’s people.


A worship service is a drama built around four recurring themes:


Where the accent is on God's powerful love and grace.

Where the accent is on us, who we are in our self-centeredness.

Where the accent is on the actions God has taken to forgive us, call us.

Where the accent is on us, on what we may do in response to what God has done for us.

This drama is played out in hymns and anthems, the reading and interpretation of the Scriptures, prayers, and sermons. The act of worship is intended to involve our physical, emotional, cultural, and intellectual sensitivities and abilities. It addresses our individual needs, draws us together into a community, and offers a public witness to the meanings and values of Christian faith.  Our worship is enhanced and supported by our music ministry.

Worship Choir.jpg
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Pipe Organ

Immanuel's pipe organ is presided over by organist Steven Jensen.  His selections for worship services range across the wide spectrum of the organ repertoire, offering us a powerful stimulus to “lift up our hearts” as we listen and as we sing.


The Hook and Hastings organ dates to 1881 and has undergone three major renovations. A new console was installed in 2005 and new leather valves were installed on the pipes in 2009.  A major restoration of the chancel in 2012, as part of the Building on Our Foundations project a new pipe facade was added to be more reminiscent of the original architecture of the building.  The organ is 77 Ranks  and considered an “American Classic”  instrument.  The Chapel houses a two rank Kilgen organ.


The church also has four Steinway grand pianos.

Chancel Choir

At Immanuel the work of the choir is vitally important to our worship. The breadth and depth of emotion conveyed by music is a critical part of praise and thanksgiving. Great words set to great music have their impact multiplied tenfold.


The choir rehearses every week, September through mid-June, on Monday evenings from 6:00 until 7:30 p.m..


Our choir director, John Komasa, is a skilled conductor and professional voice teacher.  He and the pastor plan the choral music of the church to make use of the many periods and styles in the sacred music repertoire, so that, in the course of the year, the congrega­tion is exposed to the richness and variety of the faith in music.


The church employs bass, tenor, alto, and soprano section leaders for the choir. Otherwise the choir is made up of volunteers who love to sing and who make the commitment of time and energy to serve the church in this way.  New members are always welcome in the choir.


The Sacrament of Baptism is celebrated in a public worship service for the children of members.


Adults may also re­ceive baptism when joining the church and professing faith for the first time.  


Dates for the service of Baptism are:


  • Christian Education Sunday in September

  • The Season of Advent (December)

  • First Sun­day after Christmas

  • Baptism of the Lord

  • Transfiguration of the Lord

  • The Easter Vigil

  • The Day of Pentecost

  • Sundays when new members are received

The Sacrament of Communion is celebrated eighteen times a year, corre­s­ponding with the major seasons or occa­sions of the church year:


  • First Sunday in December (Advent)

  • Christmas Eve

  • Christmas Morning

  • First Sunday in January (Epiphany)

  • Ash Wednesday

  • First Sunday in Lent

  • Wednesday evenings during Lent

  • Maundy Thursday evening (Holy Week)

  • Easter Vigil (Saturday before Easter)

  • Second Sunday of Easter

  • Celebration of Pentecost

  • Trinity Sunday

  • First Sunday in October (World Commu­nion)

  • First Sunday in November (All Saints' Sun­day)

  • Christ the King Sunday (November)



Presbyterians understand the sacraments to be an outward or visible sign of an inward or invisible grace.  
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