Officers: Giving Direction to Things

Governing - Caring - Managing


There are three boards elected from the membership of Immanuel Church who,

in various ways, are responsible for the life and work of the congregation.

The Session 


Class of 2020
Marty Dooley

David Plank

Sue Rennane

Class of 2021

Janet Christiaansen

David Crum

Leslie Davis

Jeff Stearns

Class of 2022

Kate Lewis

Laurie Michalak

Sharon Rose

Jim Schleif

Class of 2023

Matt Carlton

Nancy Debbink

Kristi Leswing

Allyson Nemec

Pastor & Moderator: Deborah A. Block, 

Associate Pastors: Robert W. Ater and Susan J. Stoll,

Session Committees: Adult Education, Church School, Membership, Mission, 
Personnel, Stewardship, Worship


The Session meets on the third Tuesday of the month.

The Board of Deacons

Class of 2021

Pat Curley

Martha Mainland

Justin Mayer, Moderator

Bob Schweers

Scott Stieg, Clerk/Secretary

Class of 2022

Terri Danola, Vice Moderator

Pat Goggin

Nancy Herro

Dick Myers, Treasurer

Richard Rodgers

Class of 2023

Tom Cooper

Lisa Lauren

Lindsey McKee

Susan Teerink


Advisory Members: 

Robert W. Ater and Susan J. Stoll


The Board of Deacons meets on the first Tuesday of the month.

The Board of Trustees


Class of 2020

Peg Burns

David Ewald

John Hein

Dave Perry

Class of 2021

Jilaine Bauer

Spencer Frank

Brian Schwellinger

Vance Werner, Jr., President

Class of 2022

Christine Karpowicz

Jason Katcha

David Ravie

Randy Trumbull-Holper


Ex-Officio: Deborah A. Block     
Church Treasurer: Jill Fahr

Trustee Committees: Building Maintenance, Decorating, Finance/Investment, Information and Communication Technology, Landscaping and Grounds Maintenance, Long-Range Planning, Stewardship and Endowment


The Board of Trustees meets on the third Thursday of the month. 

The Nominating Committee

The nominating committee is elected annually, five members from the congregation-at-large, two members from the Session (one of whom is the chair), one member from the Trustees, and one from the Deacons.  The pastor is an ex-officio member without vote. This committee nominates officers for the above governing bodies.  Ruling elders (Session) and Deacons are nominated and elected at the Annual Program Meeting of the Congregation in May.  Trustees are nominated and elected at the Annual Financial Meeting of the Congregation in January.     


2020-21 Nominating Committee: David Crum, Marty Dooley, Connie Goggin, John Hein, Bill LeFeber, Justin Mayer, David Plank, Julia Vosper, William Welburn