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December 13, 2017



"As it is written in the prophet Isaiah,

'See, I am sending my messenger

ahead of you,

Who will prepare your way ...' "

Mark 1: 2

Reflecting on the text

Who are God's messengers today?  What are God's messages today?

Why are the prophets so important to the story of Jesus Christ?


Who has prepared your way, going ahead to make a path?

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As a boy of five or six in La Crosse, Wisconsin, I was in the age of innocence. We played games of "Statues For Sale," "Kick the Can," "Hide and Seek," and, at times, soldiers in "The Game of War." This was just after the Korean War resolved, General Douglas McArthur seemed to be a hero, and "I Like Ike" President Eisenhower presided over a fairly calm and prosperous country.

Our family attended...

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